Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Thinking about our Kitchen

Brass lighting that looks like a mess of security cameras? YES PLEASE.

When I imagine Angels, I imagine them like these lights by Stilnovo

These Joe Colombo Chairs Make me want to own a slot machine.

Manikin Piece
Gregory Joseph Gillespie
Sottsass teapot. Fuck me, I love this thing.
This is puzzle by Sottsass. I want to keep dog treats in it.

I don't know who designed this and I don't care. All I care about is learning the rules for pinochle and playing footsie.

Sweet Christ, these are awesome. How Clockwork Orange are these chain pendants?

Gucci Camera Flask

OMG the Lens a pair of shot glasses

 The 1stDibs website has a curated search for Italian Design of the 20th century which is making me lose my mind. Specifically it's making me want our kitchen to feel super 70's. It should look like a casual place to snort a few rails of some designer drug who's side effects wont be known for another 20 years. It should be the kind of place where a Gucci flask doesn't look out of place. It should look like the sort of place where you could throw malachite plates against the wall in order to get your point across.

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