Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Bar Reference: chronicles de la drunkles.

Is it sad or ironic that I'm writing this post while hungover? A hangover that was curated on a Tuesday night at home where nothing was being celebrated? Last night Brandon and I had plans to go normalling at the grocery store but instead I decided we should eat a small amount of leftover Ajiaco chased by 5 cocktails. Totes puked.

PS. I'm not always such a drunken whore. Don't judge. You don't know me.

Here's our dangerous cocktail recipe: I call it "The February Fakeout"

In a lowball glass add:
1once of Monopolowa
1/2 once of Brandon's homemade llimoncello
1 giant icecube
4 oz of sodawater
splash of orange bitters

Anyway this post is supposed to be aesthetic reference for the bar at our house, not  chronicles de la drunkles.
We have a weird french door closet in the main room of our house. Instead of using that space for storage or putting a miniature office in there or whatever it is that other people might be drawn to we have decided to build out a bar.

First things first would be a coat of black paint on the interior so that the closet recedes. Secondly the fugged curtains fashioned out of a sheet will be removed.

Then we need to shop for shit:

Some classy old table type thinger
 One of those airstream soda water mahcines
Esque studio and No. 1 Son (Bar)barian stuff
A fruit bowl for limes
an ice bucket
Some horn tumblers.

There are a lot of choices so I made another ghetto moodboard:

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