Friday, March 23, 2012


I saw these photos of a Belgian Villa over on desire to inspire and was reminded how much I love the Ligne Roset Togo sofa. It's one of the few sofas that Brandon and I can agree on which is funny because not many people can agree on this sofa in general. Some people actaully seem to hate it. I've even been told that it looks like a discarded worm skin, which is weird because I don't think worms discard their skins. 

I think I love them so much because they are a little grotesque but they also look so inviting and comfortable. They look expensive (because they are) but they also look casual (because they are).  I also like that they split crowds. Who wants a sofa that holds the threat of becoming too ubiquitous? 

I would love one with nice worn leather in a light cognacy tan, which would be a shade or two lighter than the one pictured. The leather would have to be so specifically light because at any given moment there is likely a person in our house wearing black and I would hate for the guests to clash with the furniture.  That said, it might just be easier to get one in black leather.

Brandon says he would prefer one in fabric which I guess would be a more economical choice.  Maybe we could find a used knockoff on the cheap and have it recovered later down the line? What about velvet? I imagine they need about 900 yards of material to recover so it might not be worth it.


  1. Yeah, that ligne roset sofa is on my wish list!

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