Wednesday, March 14, 2012


I recently read that book "Lightning People" and in it, one character says to another "What's with gay dudes and horror movies?".  I didn't realize that part of my personality was a cliché but I after thinking about it, it's kinda true for a lot gwads that I know...Digression aside, I love horror movies. I love them so much that I would frame them as art. In fact that's what I've been obsessing over for the last few minutes. So what if one wanted particular movie stills blown up and framed as art, would that be so fucked up? Is that against the law or is it only against the law if you profit from it? Here are a couple of the stills that I'm considered.

Suspiria Pool Scene.... Although pretty much any shot in Suspiria would look gorgeous. 

Phantom of the Paradise... This is only loosely horror and has more in common with Rocky Horror... Personally I think this is a better movie.

The Shining. Choosing the perfect still from this movie would take ages because they are all perfect!
Speaking of Stanley Kubrick I have ALWAYS really wanted a Cancan Jesus from Clockwork Orange.   Talk about bucket list purchases. PS my birthday is in May.

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