Friday, March 16, 2012


 This is going to be my favorite room, I think. This room has great light, casement windows, THAT CEILING and it's going to be our office. Not a boresville, L7 office but more of an art studio/masturbatorium/library... and it's adjacent to the living room so our records are in here...and I love my records.

The room is currently a shade off from the baby-shit brown in the living room which I think I can live with for a while. At least for as long as it takes for us to paint the high priority rooms.

Sorry for the shitty photo...Which isn't even of our room. This is one of those pictures from the rental company's website. Our unit has windows on the right hand wall as well. I'll post some photo's of our actual room once it's not entirely filled with boxes.

Here is some neat reference:

What dreams may come?

Our Art should be fairly minimal in the office. Brandon think s we should only hang a giant cork board which will be good... but I think we are allowed to hang something else. I love this creepy photo in the decayed room above. Seeing rooms like this makes me hate America because I'm pretty sure they are always European.  

I think we want the space to be light and functional but also to have a laid back bohemian feel. That way any small stack of papers or artworks in progress wont make me crazy. I would also like to get a sofa or sofabed in there so that it could double as a guest room or service some cute summertime catnaps.

I think having a totem pole in the office just rose on the priority list.


I can't wait to make a few messes in there.

We need to pick up a good work table/desk for art projects.

We will need a couple chairs. I have to admit that if you cover anything in green velvet I will love it.

We need to get an MFer of a rug that looks good but is cheap enough to spill paint on? That should be a challenge. Threadbare Kilims?

We might need some extra lighting in there. I like this bastard from the Moma Store. It's made out of recycled egg cartons and is weighted down with birdseed.

I love these wooden trays for art supplies. tucked away into a flat file.

Okay, now let's see how long it takes to afford all this shit.

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