Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I moved all of the clothing downstairs today. Totaling 600 gallons of clothing, according to the HEFTY™ garbage bag corporation.  I can't believe we fit it all into such a small closet before. I had each hanger "styled" with a full and very layered outfit. It was kind of nice because there were less choices to make in the morning.

The current situation of our clothes piled into boxes is not ideal, although the boxes are an improvement over the garbage bags. If we don't get organized, I might have another breakdown. We have been talking about building a really long speed-rail out of galvanized pipes or something like those dudes at 47 Park Avenue. The dressing rooms they built are kookoobird awesome.

No offense to that pug but our dog is cuter. Way cuter.

I really like how white the walls are in there. Our place has yellowish walls. It's like hanging out in a fishbowl full of piss.

Here are some other good industrial dressing room images. Do I need lockers? Is that too much of a gay fantasy type thing?

Would it limit functionality?

Shoe storage will need to be addressed. I wonder if that wall stinks.

Side Note: Why doesn't Hermes make laundry detergent and dryer sheets? I would totally buy that decadent shit.

Sweaters get fucked up if they are stored on hangers so we also need to figure out some shelves for down there. Bonus from this reference photo: I need a group of creepy old pedo-portraits staring at me while I strip down every morning. 

I hate womany baskets like these but something similar might be a good choice for scarfs, socks and scrundolas. 

We have a long way to go.  Note the lumpy, concrete floors. I hate them. We will talk about those later. 


  1. Is that last photo the area for your dressing room? Eeee if it is I am really looking to see the transformation.
    Paint the floor with concrete sealer in dark grey and throw some thick wool carpet rugs down in areas.

    I am now reading your blog from oldest to current, much easier to follow

    1. The last one is our dressing room, Pre-speedrail. We definitely need some carpet down there. The concrete is painted with a nautical sealant that looks and feels like dead flesh.