Thursday, March 22, 2012

Kitchen Obsessed

I can't stop thinking about our kitchen so I created this hideous moodboard. Obviously we haven't painted yet but we did choose a color(shade). I threw up samples of Farrow and Ball's Railings and Downpipe. When I got the samples I was sure that we would opt for the less extreme Downpipe but because our kitchen gets light from both Northern and Southern exposures it's reading too Brown. Railings ended up looking so cool and relaxing and I can't wait to get it up on the walls. We will be leaving the moldings, ceiling and cabinetry white so that, with the white tiled floor , should keep the room from feeling too dismal. Although, there is a voice in the back of my head that's looped "paint the ceiling black, paint the ceiling black". 

The table pictured is really close to the table we have in there currently so I'm trying not to fantasize too much about switching it just yet. It's made of walnut, it's in good condition, it's absolutely was not stolen from a restaurant's basement the day we moved.

We've also been considering moving the Antelope head into our kitchen. Brandon's grandfather shot that thing in the 50's or something and I'm pretty sure they ate the corpse afterward so that's cool. The antelope head could really use some refurbishing since plaster dust falls out of it's nose making it look like a forgotten soul from Studio 54.

While shopping around our apartment we have considered moving in a 70's tan painting of waves. It's signed by an artist called "LETTERMAN".  From what I've been able to gather online, Letterman was a fake artist who's painting were mass produced by a now defunct company called Melting Pot. Apparently the fine folks at Melting Pot  had assembly lines of disabled artists that would churn out these things. Ours is different than the one pictured. The one in the mood board is a San Fransisco sailing scene. The one in our apartment is graphic waves 70's weirdness with a penisy texture on certain parts. I think it will look handsome next to the dead goat. If anyone has any information about Letterman art or Melting Pot please shoot me an email so I can amend my brain and possibly the internet.

We also have a vintage Dora Maar  vase in the livingroom which might look nice in here. The one pictured is the reproduction by Johnathon Adler. If I was going to buy an Adler pottery I would probably go with this tits jar or the classic Banana.

We still need to find some chairs for in here. We are currently using a couple vintage chairs from around the house. Right now I'm really liking these blue Supernatural chairs but they are fucking expensive so we are looking at the green knockoffs called "Marzipan chairs" from ZGallery Amazon. 

Oh and don't think I forgot about that stupid ikea pendant. I will switch that out if it kills me. 

First things first: ORDER SOME GD'D PAINT, HOMES!

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