Wednesday, March 14, 2012


Okay, so things are coming along down here a little faster and a little better than I had anticipated. On Friday night our friend Kate drove us over to the hardware store so we could pick out the correct plumbing bits for our clothes rack.  Hardware stores are weird. The guy who rang up our purchase was somewhere on the fence between braindamaged and stoned. His name was Sean and his name tag was fixed to his apron with packaging tape. I loved him.

Brandon and kate convinced me that black pipe was a better choice for our space than the galvanized shit that I wanted.  They were correct. It looks better; although, they didn't have black flanges so we bought galvanized ones that I NEED to paint later on.

Since we are in the basement we ended up fixing the flanges to the ceiling instead of the wall. I think this was the right choice since our stud finder seems to think the wall is hollow or something. Kate told me that stud finders are a load of crap and I believe least about ours.

Once we (read Kate) got the pipe up we realized that we had to go back to the hardware store for another nipple so that the supports didn't look as bowed and stressed out. The dude at this hardware store was hot and flirty unlike Sean. It was awesome.  I can't wait to go back there. Then we hung our clothes.

We still have quite a bit of work to do down here but it's much less stressful than rummaging around in boxes. Next up we will need to figure out a good plan for shelving, both above the rack for sweaters and pantaloons and below for zapatos and some baskets of panties or whatevs. I also want to replace all of our ghetto hangers with wooden ones. I may make an ikea exception for those. 

We will also have to do something about the floor in. The texture is terribly uncomfortable underfoot, especially first thing in the morning. I hate it so much that it's driven us to discuss carpet tiles. Hmmmm. Are carpet tiles ever not disgusting? Does it matter? Should we just layer old rugs like los dos bohemios that we are?

Oh, and art. We have a fair amount of stuff to hang but what goes where is really up in the air. I'll post some hanging options later on. 

Ignore that vanity catastrophe for now. Homeboy is going to get a makeover before his debut. 

So far this dressing room has been pretty inexpensive to throw together. All the plumbing fixtures (plus two snickers bars) totalled out at $74, giving us ten feet of organization.

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  1. Ikea hangers are a good exception. I have them and they look good. Another exception, ikea wool rugs. I find them in the clearance area a lot, they clean really well and feel great under foot. I have a dark grey one in the dining room, a magenta in the guest bedroom and a dark blue in the living room.