Friday, April 20, 2012


I'll have a car this weekend so I want it to be a really productive one.I thought I would write a daunting to do list in the hopes that it will guilt me into accomplishing more than watching Season 3 of Skins UK.

Buy fabric for chairs, windows, napkins
Recover chairs
Find curtain rods
Sew curtains
Sew napkins
Buy more plants for the yard
Plant said plants
Get wireless router
list more shit on ebay
Spray orange chair with fresh dye
Buy spray paint for giant ombre utensils.
write blog entries about ^^^^^^^
Take Business to the dog park
Drink more coffee than booze

Here goes nothing....


Here goes almost everything!

Things done:

We bought chair fabric but none for windows or napkins.
 We recovered the seats but not the backs of the chairs.
We bought some bulbs for the garden.
We planted the bulbs.
Wireless internet up, although it only exaggerated the ungainly tangle of wires strewn across the bedroom floor. 
listed one thing on ebay.
Business got fucked at the park...which was nauseating and hilarious.
Ate the fuck out of some brunch.
Drank gallons of iced coffee.

Outstanding stuff:

We still need to buy fabric for curtains and napkins.
Finish the reupholstering the chairs.
Sew shit so that we are not so shit.
Spray dye the orange chair.
Rethinking giant utensils... I hate them again.
Writing proper blog posts.

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  1. Ha! I love a good list
    Have a great weekend
    Callie Grayson