Friday, April 13, 2012


I'm starting to feel a little more NORMAL in the new apartment now that we have black walls in the kitchen. They make me want to invite guests over for a fine dinner of goat's blood, couscous and a lovely orange salad.

I made the mistake of listening to Sonic Youth when I slapped up the first coat which made me question if it looked more like a shitty punk club than a sophisticated cookery. Luckily, the second coat was applied to a backdrop of James Blake, making the color choice feel like the only choice I could have made.

Hideously washed-out, dirty white, snagglebonch, boresville before picture
Admittedly, the kitchen is looking more MOODY BOHEMIAN than GLOBAL GOTH or HORROR DISCO right now with all the tan accents but I think I like it. 
Here's the more tolerable after. We still have a long way to go but at least it feels less like a prison's laundry room.

Look at those little dudes. We were talking about trying our hand at some sort of macrame hanging and then giving it a bright ombré dip for the spot next to the stairwell. Brandon used to teach underwater basket-weaving to boy scouts so I think he may have to take the reins on this one.

Here are those chairs we just got in a spectacle of airline textile majesty.

Picked up a foxtail fern too.
 If you had these shelves in your apartment and didn't want them to get cluttered but did want them to be functional, what would you do?
The artwork in the nook is a 1970's, slightly penisy, mass-produced miracle by "Letterman". I would like us to switch it out for something more psychedelic-POP or op art later down the line but the scale seems nice and the color pallet really compliments our tattered friend on the wall opposite.

Before we start purchasing or making giant art, we really need to touch up some of the paint and buy a bunch of shit like a sexier fruit bowl.

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  1. Great transformation! Love the black walls. I do have painted part of my kitchen a very dark colour.
    In the little shelf nook, I would paint the inside a slightly lighter colour, say take the black paint you used and add a wee bit of white to tone it down ever so slightly. Then place my collection of all white milk glass and then add place my salt and pepper shakers on one of the shelves which are silver skulls.
    They make the old granny milk glass more modern.
    Ps are these the chairs you are going to place the teal velvet?