Thursday, April 12, 2012

New Chairs

 We bought a couple 1970's vintage Thonet armchairs off Craigslist last night, both for $30. It seems like a great deal since I found this group of four on 1st dibs for $2400. Does this make me a craigslist genius? Ours were recovered in the late 80's with some sort of hideous airline print in a dowdy colorway so we are going to try our hands at reupholstering them. But what should we cover them in?

We are thinking of covering them in leather or velvet and I'm really drawn to the idea of malachite green with the chrome steel like in this picture. We are also talking about teal or nice, light cognacy tan leather. Since we just painted the kitchen black I think black leather might not be an option...Which feels utterly wrong when acknowledged. 

I'll be posting some before and "after" pics tomorrow.


  1. Ok this post answered my previous question.
    GREAT find! I have quite the chair obsession and these are fabulous. I have a set of 6 Brno chairs that I purchased from my work for $60.00 which makes them all the sweeter! I need to reupholster them, you are inspiring me to get on it!
    I love the velvet option for your chairs and that green chair! Love the colour but teal is gorgeous too. Tough choices for you, I guess you will have to look at the different lushness of the velvet with the colour.

  2. Oops. My iPad self corrected my name as chairs


  3. We ended up buying teal velvet since none of the greens in stock had that creamy malachite quality.
    The rounded backs are proving super hard to recover without having a million hideous pleats...which only exaggerate with the flock of velvet. I've gone from confident to cautiously optimistic. Either way I'll post photos when they are complete. Thanks for all your encouragement!