Wednesday, April 18, 2012


There are certain things I find myself doing and wanting, that I never understood before this apartment; Napkins, cooking, and coasters all fall under this category.

1. Napkins

 I don't often use napkins. I'm much more likely to wipe my face on my hands and my hands on my pants.  As a 30 year-old man, I think it's time for this to change. Actually, I should probably back this up to childhood memoir levels. When I was really little my family used paper napkins. They were pink or light blue and I sometimes would wad a few up and shove them in my mouth. Flash forward to when I was seven or eight and learned where paper napkins came from and about amazonian deforestation; I cried about it. My mom was so moved by the expression that she went out the next day and bought cloth napkins which she uses to this day. Flash forward again, I'm a disgusting teenager and I stop wiping my mouth-hole all together.

How are we going to fix this, buy napkins? Maybe it will come to that but I have a different plan. Brandon and I are going to the fabric store this weekend to buy clothing for our new chairs, kitchen windows and dirty faces. It will probably prove too time consuming for lazy fucks like us but whatever, we will give it a go.

Chairs: Green or teal velvet
Curtains: Op art print or sheer somethings
Napkins: ????? I dunno!!!!!!

2. Cooking

We've been cooking a bit, mainly soup and homemade liqueurs. The liqueurs and soup have inspired us to make more low effort/high yield foods like cured, canned and pickled stuff. After all, our new apartment is on the east side of the river and we have to start assimilating to the local culture some time. I bought THE PRESERVATION KITCHEN by Paul Virant... I can't wait to try curing meat. It sounds really stinky.

3. Coasters

Coasters are for old people so I just ordered a load of teal agate geode coasters off of the internet. I kind of doubt this is going to help cut the boho vibe in our kitchen nook but it should help bring in some color. 

1 comment:

  1. That book looks fabulous! I will have to get my hands on a copy.
    I grow most of my own vegetables and all of my herbs so perservixng the bounty I get is great for winter months

    Would suggest buying linen fabric for your napkins.
    Linen wears well, very strong and lasting. Washing clean and stain removal is easy so you don't have to use toxic chemicals for cleaning

    Please show photos of you chairs once redressed
    Love teal velvet, they will be beautiful
    Xx Callie