Tuesday, February 28, 2012


We are just waiting on the cunts at our current building to confirm that we live there...Then we get to sign for Maison de la tempĂȘte osseuse. Now it's time to over-think paint.

The place is currently beige and white everywhere. Um no! The beige is not too bad. It's actually a fairly deep khaki so I may leave it up in the office but I wont survive a brown livingroom. No fucking way. Gross. Currently we are talking about making the kitchen black but I'm also considering deep oceany teals, greens and blues.

 The bathroom on the main floor might need a nice creamy malachite green... like Farrow and Ball's Arsenic. A big no to poopy, rust, pancake batter or sage colors that remind me that I live in Portland or that my neighbors are really into burningman. This apartment will not look like whole foods.

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